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Feel grounded by grinding less

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My free summit Reunion2023, is shaping up to be exactly what I've imagined and what women just like you have told me they want - and I cannot wait to reveal it to you.

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Join me and an amazing group of women for the first ever Reunion Summit. Reunite with YOU. Spend a few hours with us - wisdom and expertise all in one space. You'll leave feel energized and uplifted - with actionable steps to make changes in your life right away.

Progress trumps perfection!

Nearly 20 years ago I started my real estate career, never imagining that my life would look like it does today. With 2 small kids and big ambitions I got my license and started on my journey.

I was on my own in the real estate world, despite being promised help and training. 

I was a rogue agent trying to find my way and earn a small slice of business to support my family.

It was rough. I’ll openly admit it.

But, I did it.

And I’m still here.

My kids have grown and moved out and (jokingly) were replaced by two adorable dogs.  I have learned so much and grown over the years and I am at a place in my career that I want to pull back the curtain to share my ‘secrets’ with other female entrepreneurs. 

So many times I was asked, “How do you do it”

For many years it was chaos and stress. 

I honestly don’t know how I did it. Intentionally, I’m sparing you the details … 

I connected with great colleagues and dove into trainings and used systems to run my business, but I discovered a lifesaver and gamechanger a few years ago. It got me through the hardest year of my life (and a struggling year for so many). In 2020 my daughter was in Belgium, my son was finishing high school, there was a global pandemic, I got divorced, and turned 40 - yet my business doubled. 

Short cycle performance (or periodization) took my annual goals and shortened them to a twelve week timeframe and focus. I was able to surpass my 2020 annual goal and find a balance in the chaos, managing and thriving through the turmoil.  

And I stressed less. 

I knew I needed to share this with other savvy sisters, and I always had a desire to help women in business. I studied more and started helping a small group of business owners.  I opened my own brokerage in fall of 2022 where I’m able to coach and guide my agents to achieve success and balance, whatever that looks like for them. 

And I want to bring this to other savvy women as well.

Yes, I’m still practicing in real estate and have an amazing team to help serve my clients to ensure everyone gets the personal care and attention they’re accustomed to.

Using this short cycle method has enabled me to do it all. It's not either/or but both/and in my world now.

And I want that for you too.

We should meet.

Your calendar is overflowing - I've been there too.

Let's book a time to rein it in and create some breathing room. Invest 30 minutes with me and I'll show you how to gain back hours in your week.

Let's relinquish the hustle and grind. Together. 


The most effective way to work with me is one on one. Your vision and my framework - a recipe for fast results, real progress, and lasting value.

Equipped with the tools and how to's plus the encouragement of a coach we'll create the Right Blend™️ for your life. I call that Vitality.